Not all Safety Deckers work to the same standards.

We witnessed this mess at a site near our offices. The decking platform has clearly been erected by operatives who have no idea how to install the system they were using (in this case; the Austin Reynolds System).

The platform collapsed shortly after it was installed. Apart from the dangerous gaps left between rows of decking, the overlapped boards have been incorrectly installed (see rear right hand corner of plot) and the overlapped area in the foreground has collapsed completely.

This unfortunate circumstance may be the result of a lack of training or the drive toward cost cutting (or both).

At Bondeck we work hard to price competitively but we always price to do the job properly. All our installers are trained and certificated and undergo continuous professional development. As a CHAS accredited company, our systems and procedures are audited to ensure we acheive the highest standards of health and safety.

As these images show, not all safety decking companies work to the same high standards.