Why Safety Decking?

Collective Fall Prevention Systems (including safety decking) sit at the top of the HSE’s hierarchy of safety. Despite doing much to reduce serious injuries and worker fatalities, the construction sector still has the highest rates of injury and death in UK industry. There is still some reliance on basic fall arrest systems such as bean bags, air bags or netting which are lower in the safety hierarchy, it is likely that such methods will be legislated out of the industry in time. There is only one route to further reduce fall related casualties – Passive, Collective fall prevention.

Bondeck offers a range of market leading Fall Prevention Systems on a Supply & Fit, Hire Only or outright sale basis:- 

  • Bondeck Fall Prevention System & Working Platform (Strengthened for limited loading)
  • Swaledek Fall Prevention System & Lightweight Working Platform

Bondeck Fall Prevention System & Working Platform

Bondeck is a lightweight, fully braced, lightweight safety decking system specially strengthened to allow for limited loading.

The platform itself is strengthened with a 5th leg in the centre of the panel (ordinary installs cannot be loaded). This development has undergone two years of theoretical, practical & on site testing

This new feature:

  • Completely removes the need for trestles
  • Bricklayers can work directly off the safety platform for topping out
  • 1940mm platform height means decking can be installed at 9 block courses high
  • Decking can be installed concurrently with, or just before, external scaffold is lifted
  • Provides total protection from falls into the building for all trades at all build stages
  • Facilitates faster, safer building at topping out stage thereby reducing build time 

Please note: The image shows a strengthened Bondeck platform designed for loading. There are limitations and guidance to be followed. DO NOT load standard Bondeck platforms.
Please contact us for full details on this new feature.

 Swaledek Fall Prevention System & Lightweight Working Platform



Image: Our install teams erect a safety deck to provide fall prevention for joist fitting

Tested in accordance with EN 12811-1-2003, Swaledek is classed as a Class 2 lightweight working platform which means operatives can work directly on the decking to guide wood/steel work into place within the structure. (However the platform is NOT to be loaded out.)

We supply Swaledek in a variety of working heights (2000mm, 1900mm, 1800mm and 1500mm). The system is usually installed once a minimum number of blockwork courses have been completed (depending on system height required). It can also be provided as a free standing structure for leading edge protection and certain steelwork and cut roof applications. Swaledek’s free standing capability is unqiue among the lightweight decking systems and demonstrates the system’s unique inherent stability.

Please see our pricing page for details of our hire, lease and purchase options for Swaledek



Image above left & right: A freestanding swaledek system

Image left: Trusses fitted and decking ready for dismantling