Rhino Load Deck

The ultimate fall prevention solution for overcoming the problems associated with working at height, the Rhino Load Deck system is capable of up to 6kN psqm in weight and is completely self-supporting. Arguably one of the most versatile fall prevention systems on the market – Rhino Load Deck offers a strong working platform that is not only more competitively priced but also quicker to erect to other systems on the market, such as Bird Cage Scaffolding. 


Not only does the Rhino system offer a safe and secure working platform, but operatives can also load their tools and materials onto the platform, boosting efficiency and making tasks easier. What’s more, with it’s generous load capacity, site operatives can benefit from a more than adequate loading requirement while allowing all site trades to utilise the same platform.


Key Features:

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“We hired Rhino Deck from Bondeck Ltd as we needed a working platform that we could load out onto.  Bondeck’s contracts manager managed the installations and dismantles to work with our program, so it made our job so much easier.  We would definitely use them again”